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Mission Statement


            Our purpose, the delegates of the III Congress, is to reassert and claim our rights before the nation; to recognize the abridgements of certain rights by the government of the United States; to declare that legislation passed and signed into law by individuals violating their oaths to defend the Constitution of the United States are null and void; and to recognize that the Bill of Rights stand as originally drafted.


Statements of Fact


1.      Rights are not subject to democratic rule; they are absolute and individual given by Our Creator as stated clearly in the Declaration of Independence. As such, no popular movement of the people or their governments can alienate these rights from the individual.

2.      That the government of the United States was founded upon the principles of individual rights and the protection thereof by limiting the power of the government.

3.      That oaths are given to public servants prior to taking office as a means to ensure their fidelity to the principles of individual liberty and limited government.

4.      That the Constitution is a charter between the people of the United States and the government called upon to administer the people’s will.

5.      That the administration of the people’s will requires careful and judicious use of the public treasury.

6.      That the people have the absolute right to alter or abolish a government that is outside of its charter and acting against the principles it is sworn to defend.




1.      It is found that the greater share of the federal representatives, senators, the President and judges of all stations, including the Supreme Court are in violation of their oaths to defend the Constitution of the United States.

2.      It is found that by passing legislation or compliance with Executive Orders which violate the rights of its citizens the federal government officials involved are in violation of their oaths.

3.      It is found that by broad interpretation of individual words in the Constitution that the spirit and purpose of the Constitution have been violated.

4.      It is found that the federal government in place has been corrupted and is operating outside of its charter and without the consent of the governed.

5.      It is found that the elected representatives, senators and president have abused the public treasury, incurred more debt than can reasonably be expected to be repaid, have made fiduciary promises to generations that are impossible to fulfill and have enslaved future generations to either an unbearable debt, miserable poverty or both.

6.      It is found that the federal government and the agents thereof have refused to enforce laws and duties of the federal government and have interfered in the laws and duties of the state governments to the detriment of the citizens of the United States and/or the citizens of the several states.




            Since relief from this corruption is not to be found within the constructs of a vastly corrupted federal system, it is the view of the III Congress that it has the right and duty to enlist aid in opposition to the standing government in order to force compliance with the Constitution. That in no way is the III Congress involved in insurrection or attempting to overthrow the government of the United States of America. That the sole purpose of its opposition to the corrupt system is to reestablish and restore the legitimacy of the federal government and to demand of our elected officials that they not only take the oath of office, but abide by it.

Having witnessed the failure of all previous efforts to find a champion for our rights within the system, it has become clear to the delegates of the III Congress that a different approach is required while what few rights of privacy and liberty are still available. Time is of the essence.


  1. once our declaration has been hammered out and accepted, next will be the when and how of our delivery..? i'm thinking that should be determined before taking the Declaration to those whom we hope to enlist in our effort as there will be questions prior to anyone's coming onboard... i'd like to leave everyone i contact with only one question: will i(that person) stand up for Rightful Liberty or not.

  2. I like it. It's not as strong as I'd like to see it, but it is a good start (I realize that were it worded as strongly as I'd like it to be we would scare off more people that are just beginning to wake than we would gain... that is not the goal).
    I do have some thoughts about it for now... I don't think we want to bog this statement down with too much wording, but I think we should try to add one verifiable example for each of the "facts" and "findings". Perhaps in the electronic version we can make these as links to stories (prefereably not "right wing" sources if we can help it). I also think we should make these links to both parties (there are enough examples of wrongdoing by both parties that I don't think we'll have too much trouble). We don't want to make this a right versus left argument, and we want to limit anyone's ability to turn it into that as best we can.
    I have to get back to work, but this is a great start. Thank You for your efforts TL.
    I'll think about it and see if anything else pops into my head that I think might improve it.

    1. After the issues are agreed to the hard work of supporting documentation will begin.

    2. Amen.

      The thought is exciting though.

  3. thank you TL I would like a better spokesman to be a delegate from TX but I will be one if no one objects

    1. Sir, and why are you not qualified?

      You're here, yes? You approve of what's happening here, yes? To date no one has stepped forward from the great state of Texas, yes?

      You're good enough sir. You need but to step forward. Care not for the slings and arrows that may be directed your way.

      Sign the oath, pay your money and take your chances.

  4. That is laid out very nicely. I would also suggest a set of lists of specific examples as well, as a supplement and to back up our claims. Good job I cant really think of any changes to what you have there.

  5. Very well stated, you covered all the bases, I like the idea of adding links to examples as well(for the dims out there) I know the rest of us see examples of the abuses and infringements daily. Time truly is of the essence.

  6. TL, I want to thank you again for coming aboard. I could not imagine such an endeavor without your participation.

    Like Mark I would have something more impolite and bellicose, but that is why I have to be kept somewhat contained. Diplomacy is not one of my better traits.

    I find what you have written to be most excellent and I would have no objection to going with it as is. But again, like Mark I think examples that support the findings would be in order.

    Damn fine job my man! Glad you're here.

  7. Well done TL,

    I would add nothing at this time.

  8. First, thank you TL for your time and putting thought to paper. I think Mark has some great thoughts especially linking sidebars.
    Once the Mission Statement is adopted, what is next? Will this document just be used to remind us, on occasion, why we exist and for recruiting? Or will it also be used to inform elected officials of our existence and purpose?

    My fellow patriots, at times I feel that I am being pulled from multiple directions on the patriot resurgence front. I have always been patriotic and proud of my relatives who fought for my freedom since the Revolutionary War. Today, there are so many groups and individuals as well as celebrities trying to do something to rally themselves or group and all for good reasons. As a person who travels the web and attends a two local 9-12 Patriots groups, education has been at the forefront of my quest to better equip myself to be a better sovereign citizen and for the right reason; to defend the DoI and BoR. My hope is that we, as III Patriots, can grow and cultivate level headed individuals who possess the intelligence and convictions of those who signed the Declaration of Independence.
    In many ways, I feel exhausted but not defeated. At times I feel that we may be in a loosing battle, making noise with very few listening or caring. However If not us, who? If not now, when?
    Sorry for the rant...

  9. Maybe we should go through each of the first ten amendments citing the failures to comply by the illegitimiy...I apologize to the group ahead of time for my lack of skill in words and in the exact facts of history. I only have my life experience, my faith, and my reading of history to guide me.

    I have a very strong backbone when it comes to right and wrong, this is the first place where i feel like i have found my home in reguards to like minded individuals. I am only 24 years old but have absorbed the knowledge and wisdom of a man better than most of us. My father passed on to me the lamp light of freedom that will never be extinguished, and if it is it will be gone for all time. From the time i was a little kid till now i have always known that i would stand against the tide, that my destiny was to preserve virtue from me on out, that I am no better than anyone else but I am a damn good man i will fight better than anyone else because thats what I was born for so help me God and he will!

  10. Once again you nailed it TL. Thank you for your contribution(s). I would not add a thing, and time is indeed of the essence.

  11. This is very well done as it stands. However, if we want to gather more general population support for the effort -- and that is necessary to succeed if violent confrontation is to be avoided (maybe it can't be avoided) -- we have to prove false one very glaring opening presented to opponents or even drones coasting along to get along (a large portion of the population who don't want to tip the apple cart) within the body of the mission statement.

    The point is: "...without the consent of the governed."

    To the many supporters of the current government's program of allegedly creating a "more just and equal" society, and a great many of the general population who will go along with whatever the government says is right, the government is operating with the consent of the governed as evidenced by the last election. Indisputable facts must be included to demonstrate that the course the government is pursuing is actually contrary to the best interests of society -- that it is especially harmful to the uninvolved "just get along" segment of society.

    It must be pointed out that more likely sooner than later it's going to bite them on the ass in a major way. For now that group just wants to "get along and not make unnecessary waves." They are blissfully unaware of the tsunami building just out of sight that is about to drown them.

  12. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I do want to make it abundantly clear that substantiation of the findings will be forthcoming. I just don't want to do the work of substantiating claims that will not be included in the "findings" section of the statement. Before issuing this Mission Statement to press and congress a great deal of work will be done citing Supreme Court rulings, statements of the founders, etc. These will make up the larger share of the released document.

    The only thing I might have left out that I think should be included would be a statement of fact and finding on mismanagement of public money. I think it was Jefferson who believed that each generation dispose of its debt before another debt could be incurred.

    I will work on that.

  13. TL, excellent job.

    And I agree there should be language that addresses the misuse of public money, and the never ending incursion of debt. I am not sure how you would do it, but addressing the power granted to unelected officials (bureaucrats) that usurps the liberty of the people.

    All said, sir you are an excellent word smith.

  14. "Since relief from this corruption is not likely to be found within the constructs of a vastly corrupted federal system..."

    I believe we're all in agreement that working within the confines of the current system doesn't work. Perhaps removing the word 'likely' will make it more of a definitive statement, a means of letting our detractors know we're past the point of voting our way to liberty.

    1. Good point. I will incorporate it into the next draft.

  15. Thank you for putting this together, it is great to see another step on this path. I will do all I can to drive as many eyes as I can to see this. From there it is up to them to see.

  16. TL,
    Well thought out and well written as usual.

  17. Well spoken, TL. Very well spoken.

  18. This is a better written foundation for the III than I could have accomplished, Kudos.

  19. I'm new on the site here. I just found it quite accidentally. But, this is well thought out as far as I can tell. For too long the media and others have portrayed Patriots as "racists" and "kooks". Then you get people who blow up buildings in some misguided attempt to incite others - but only bring down infamy on themselves and their so-called cause.

    The first shots - I hesitate to say this because I know someone will not get my meaning exactly - were fired in that school in Connecticut by a mad man. The media, and politicians have decided to use it to root out those "evil guns". There are those who simply don't care and want to let us "keep your hunting rifles and target guns" but get rid of weapons of war, and can not through ignorance or ill will examine the root causes of the Revolutionary War and the subsequent foundations for the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

    Instead questions I get are "Why do you need a gun that can shoot a hundred rounds in 10 minutes?"

    My response is usually, "It is not a need, it is a want. The document is called 'the Bill of Rights' not the 'bill of needs'" and then I explain in the most elementary fashion that the wording is such to indicate that ALL of the able bodied men and boys of the day were "the militia" - we're not talking about the "National Guard" or the US military.

    Most stare blankly. Another sign of the dumbing down of Americans.

    I have passed the word on. I've passed on information to get people to sign the gun petition (and it appears only another 6k are needed), so I suggest the first thing to do is get enough signatures on that petition to be "noticed" but I DOUBT seriously anyone from the White House will give it a second look or respond.

    They have not responded to Texas and other states' petitions for secession, thus I have severe doubts they will bother with this organization except to note who you are, where each of us is located and add us to some list someplace.

    But - this a good, and HONEST start, something the Government would never do. There is almost zero honesty anywhere that votes are cast, or in the Executive Office.

    Unless we stop the fools from further ruining our country with their "progressive" idealism, America is doomed, at least as we knew it and as most of us grew up.

    I'm an American, a Patriot and I've served in the military (more than the normal 20 most do) and I'm NOT giving up my guns under ANY circumstances. I won't give them a dime in taxes on guns or ammo and they can go pound sand when it comes to turning in bullets, magazines or scopes.

    I have personally HAD it with our current Administration and the over-reaching, over-arching, hand of Tyranny. It has been warned of time and time again, and NOW, it has "Come to your hometown".

    Molon Labe

  20. As much as you try to make a statement neither left nor right there will be someone out there to make it about that .There is also some serious willful ignorance in this country as shown in the last election as well... Point 1 serious job loss that no one could have not seen .. point 2 The selling of weapons to our combative enemies and allies of the enemy everyone knew this as well ..????
    Point 3 obviously there is some real serious understanding problems of the constitution of this nation otherwise it is willful that the current government heads ( appointed officials) are violating the constitution as a whole .This means it is a tyranical government in which the constitution strongly and clearly prohibits. Point 4 the constitution plainly states military cannot be used in such a way as it is currently being used inside the borders of the United States this is including drone attacks the administration has said yes they will use it inside the U.S. if need be and against U.S. citizens .
    point 5 congress has the power to prevent every single situation that is goes against the constitution are they ?
    Point 6 when the constitution said "shall not be infringed" it did not mean well maybe we can infringe this time or this little bit
    point 7 religon and the right to it is our right and we should not ever have to be forced to deny who we believe in example ( My lord and savior Jesus Christ ) If this offends anyone i don't know how to make you feel comfortable if it requires me to deny my savior because i wont deny him . If a person believes differently so be it that is thier right also but attacking my right defiles the constitution and my right of free will .Nor should any religeon have to hide thier displays of relgeous expression or congregations to satisfy another .
    point 8 If a person does not understand this country is founded on all the rights in the constitution and they have a problem with it or are offended by it before they come to the U.S. then perhaps they shouldn't come period we should not have to change our constitution to make someone feel more comfortable . The door swings both ways either love it or leave it nobody forced them to come here .Now point 8 is simply just saying that i don't go to thier country and not "do as they do in Rome so to speak " meaning respect the constitution before coming or don't come.


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