Tuesday, September 10, 2013

III Congress: First Order of Business

The III Congress has been dormant, partly because I have simply been too busy to devote the time needed, but also because it became important to me that as many of us as possible meet face-to-face before undertaking such a serious political venture.  We began at King's Mountain, and we continue every single month to meet more of you.  Surely we have not all had the chance to meet, yet.  But enough of us have had the opportunity to shake hands that I am now comfortable moving forward. 

Make no mistake, the III Congress will stand as a threat to the Enemies of Liberty, and they will come hard against us if they ever think we have traction - and I can tell you from my recent travels and meeting with Patriots across the country, we already have traction.

For all things there is a proper time - and the time for the III Congress has arrived.

The III Congress needs to serve as our collective political voice.  Like our Founders who met to discuss the Declaration, those men who essentially served as a shadow government to chart a political course for Liberty and to speak with a political voice (as opposed to the Sons of Liberty who spoke with direct action).  It is our turn.  We must be the Americans who begin to speak once more of the values originally embodied in the Declaration, and further put forth in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The III Congress is specifically a Constitutionalist body.  This is not a negotiation.  To hold a position as a Delegate in the III Congress for your AO, you must sincerely hold Restoration of our Founding Documents as the goal.  This is not the forum to debate anarchy versus Articles of Confederation versus Spooner.  The members of the III Congress are genuine "Oath Keepers", sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

"Which Constitution?" some may legitimately ask.  My position is that the III Congress should stand firmly upon the US Constitution as ratified, including the Bill of Rights.  That is the "Reset" position.  That is when everything remained clean, pre-Marbury when the Judiciary seized the unconstitutional power of Judicial Review and began immediately perverting the Founders Intent. 

I contend that every Amendment passed after RevWarII (aka the Civil War) was done by fraud and deceit and duress imposed by the threat of violence from Washington DC for any State that dared to object.  Remember that Washington DC essentially decided who would govern the defeated southern states, and the threat of further violence was very real if the south failed to rubber-stamp the Amendments put forth.  All Amendments from the 13th forward fall under the "imposed under duress" standard, as far as I am concerned.

What of the 11th and 12th Amendments, which were passed legitimately, without duress?  I contend that "The Message" of seeking "Restoration, as ratified" is "cleanest" and the easiest to promote to a low-information public, and for those who truly believe in Liberty, as ratified gives us the starting position the Founders and Framers intended.  So, once we "reset" to an as ratified state, the current 11th and 12th Amendments may be re-submitted to the States for consideration.

What about the strawman arguments that will be hurled (from within and without the Liberty Movement by anti-Constitutionalists) that "as ratified" will suddenly return women to chattel status and return Black folks to slavery?  This one is so simple and basic I have to accuse ANYONE who takes that position as an argument against "as ratified" as being intellectually dishonest.  There is not a single State or Commonwealth in America that does not have laws on the books that forbid treating women as chattel and forbid slavery, and those laws trump even the Constitution, for they are Natural Rights.  When you see someone dismiss "as ratified" with that argument, you are either talking to an absolute idiot, or an intellectually dishonest Human Being who is trying to simply defeat the Restoration of Liberty through demagoguery. 

Once we "Reset" to an as ratified state, our first goal must be to prevent the immediate usurpation of power once again by SCOTUS.  Our Founders and Framers never intended SCOTUS to be the final arbiter of what is, and is not, Constitutional.  It is by this fraud that all federal corruption has come forth, as we were warned would happen by Thomas Jefferson himself.  If the Framers intended the Supreme Court to be the ultimate power in the land, the Constitution would have been a much shorter document.

Note: My position on "as ratified" is not a diktat.  It is an opinion I hold strongly, one we should discuss if we must, and come to a consensus.  My position, however, that the III Congress only permit Constitutionalists as Delegates is written in stone.  Obviously, I have no power to enforce such a demand, other than to walk away from the Congress - which I will do if it ever becomes anything other than a Constitutionalist endeavor.

Becoming a Delegate is easy: Commit to $10/month for good standing as a full Delegate from your State.  Why a fee?  Because having a bit of skin in the game is a premise our Founders understood, and it is a proven method of accomplishing tasks.  Remember when there were rules in place about only land owners being permitted to vote?  All we have to do today is look around to see what happens when you let "anyone" vote - they start voting themselves freebies and favors that are detrimental to the republic.  The monthly $10 fee is not only symbolic.  It costs money to promote an organization.  It costs money to publish and advertise.  It will cost money when one of our Delegates gets arrested and needs a legal defense fund.  At $10/month the treasury will not fill deep or fast, but it is a starting point.  There is a link on the sidebar to PayPal to sign up as a Delegate.  Once you have handled the PayPal part of the equation, email us and we will add you to the map on the top of the page.  Our goal is to have at least one Delegate in every State - and then to add more members until we have genuine delegations in each and every State.

Where shall we begin?  At the beginning.  We have a Mission Statement: Restoration.

Now we need to consider a realistic plan to achieve the mission.

Gary Hunt wrote a paper several years ago that I recently featured at the III blog.  Mr. Hunt took the time and energy to write a serious paper that is reasonable and closely tied to our Founders ideals.  Additionally, he has taken the time to serve a Historian's role by documenting where our Founders and Framers faced similar problems to which we have today, and how they resolved those issues.

As I have said many times: We already have a roadmap, a blueprint, for Restoration.  We do not need to re-invent the wheel.  This was done already by our Founders and the original III Patriots.

Below is a link to Mr. Hunt's piece.  It is a serious paper and it will require that you invest some time and mental energy to reading it.  As I said in my original post on this piece, there are nits that can be picked with his plan.  We can pick them together after everyone has read it, completely.  Then together we can settle on a version that works for the III Congress.

Note: I do not enjoy the role of GateKeeper, but it is one I must accept at this point.  To comment on this blog you must be a Delegate in good standing.  Period.  If you signed up with PayPal and skipped a payment, they dropped you from the system.  If PayPal got an NSF from your bank card, they dropped you from the system.  They don't check back next month to see if you have fixed your bank account.  So, if you need to fix your standing, please do so.  If you submitted your dues in another form, we've got you covered on a spreadsheet HK keeps.  (You'll note on the sidebar that Silver Eagles, checks, et cetera are alternatives to PayPal for those who choose.  No "junk" silver, please.)

Here is the link to Mr. Hunt's site with the paper.

Here is the direct link to his paper in PDF.

Read it, then let's discuss what works for us, and what does not - then let's go out into the world and start slapping Marxist/Leftist/FSA/Blue/Red snouts with it.

One final note: The III Congress is an organization that intends to go into Harm's Way in the political spectrum.  Delegates will be targets.  Delegates will get their hands dirty.  If you simply want to be part of a debate club - this is not the place for you.



  1. I agree, as ratified is the cleanest slate to "reset" to.


  2. I should still be current with contributions for status as a Delegate.

    I am no longer in Michigan. I have chosen to take my family to the great State of Texas.

    I will be attending the Texas PatCon "Unfinished Business" in September, representing the III and the III Congress.

  3. I've been waiting for this... the amount necessary to complete an annual-type fee will be available to you via paypal later this morning...

    "they" seem to be picking up their pace - so must we

  4. Time to roll up our sleeves and get to work, a face to face with any interested parties (Militia,Commitees of Correspondence, Liaison, and, Intelligence) in my AO (SO Cal, Central Cal, W. Az) contact me @ livefreeordieca@aol.com, lets pick a time and place and work out some details, our community is growing, now lets organize.
    Richard R Deaver

  5. been paying dues for a while. still no love for virginia on the map. obama is closing PRIVATE enterprises on federal lands in violation of legal contracts. he proves once again he has hate for free enterprise or anything else free. its time.......i'm starting small. cutting locks off gates n such. i will leave a calling card. liberty or death.

  6. Let's move this forward. Let us start this Liberty Party.

    Mike M.


If you are not a Constitutionalist, this is not a place for you.

We are not here to debate the Constitution.

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