Saturday, April 20, 2013

III Congress: King's Mountain

We met, some for the first time and some knew each other from other events.  It was a wonderful and patriotic group.

Alan led us through an excellent tour of the King's Mountain battlefield, and I commend to you all the story, for you will see many, many facets that have relevance for III Patriots today.  Here is the wiki link to the story as a starting point.

I am personally proud that I have added several people to the list of those I am proud to have met.

Delegates: I will order a batch of III Congress tabs and send one to each Delegate in good standing.  It'll be a month or so (usual turnaround) for them to make it to my shop, then I'll ship them out to you.

We all agreed that as a deliberative body our first official act should be a resolution that outlines our purpose and intent.  Over the next week I will compile a list of Delegates and we will begin a private email thread so we can work on our first resolution, refine it, and then publish.

We also agree that a very important goal to achieve is to have at least one Delegate from each state, and we'd be very pleased with delegations of multiple members from each state. 

We will need a formal structure, Patriots who will serve in important capacities to ensure the Congress evolves into the vibrant and effective entity we all want it to become.  We will work on this in private, as well.

For now, I am proud that we had our first meeting, and every single person in attendance was a Patriot committed to genuine Liberty.

There was general agreement that another meeting should be held out west in the near future, in a place that will be convenient for our Patriots who live west of the Mississippi.  For those of you who live in the western part of the country, please weigh in and offer suggestions for a location.  Personally, I really enjoyed and appreciated the relevance of King's Mountain, and hope we can find an equally relevant location for our next meeting.

Thank you to everyone who made it, and to everyone who wanted to be there.

I am convinced the III Congress can make a difference.

Any Delegates who would like access to this blog so you may write posts, please send an email to me and I'll add you to the access list:

Delegate: Idaho

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  1. Gonzales, Tx would be a good location. There is a really nice park there, and being the place where the war for Texas Independence began is a good attribute. My two cents...


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