Wednesday, April 10, 2013

III: April 19, 2013

Alan is familiar with King's Mountain and has taken point for getting us started on the 19th.

Muster Point: We'll meet at the Chronicle markers at the northeastern end of King's Mountain at 10:00am on April 19th. It is the start of the path around the mountain to the right of the bookstore/museum.

Alan will lead us on a tour of the battlefield and the significance of the story is relevant to us all in these days when America needs Her Patriots.

We can remain at the battlefield for a while and talk, then head to Charlotte for lunch.  We can do this in small groups, as a single group, or everyone can go their own way.

Alan has suggested a restaurant named Ri' Ra' for us to meet for dinner, where we can continue our discussions and generally get to know one another.

Personally I have no agenda for the weekend, beyond meeting you and working with you to begin to flesh out the role of the Congress that we can take online to finalize with our Delegates who can't make the trip.  This is a networking opportunity, a chance to build trust and add to our personal security by growing our network.  Everyone should consider the floor to be open for any topic they wish to discuss.

Firearms: I do NOT know what firearms laws obtain and if you are planning to carry, figure it out. 

Media: It is possible media may be there, so be prepared for that possibility.

Saturday Morning: We can discuss if people want to get together Saturday for breakfast.  I will be getting on the highway Saturday by noonish.

If you are planning to attend, please leave a note on this thread.  I know a few people have had to change plans, and no one should feel bad if life's realities are keeping you from attending.



  1. I intend to be there. Determined would be more accurate. Looking forward to being able to eye to eye with others, both listen (especially) and talk in order to gain better understanding. Will be in area night before and leave mid-day Saturday.
    I'm NE GA if anyone needs a ride up I-85.

  2. Our time from work is arranged, truck maintenence done, lists for packing almost finished. Camper didn't get done so we'll be tenting/moteling during our time there. I am looking forward to meeting other likeminded folk. I will also have the remaining $$$ I owe for Congress membership.

    Kerodin, will it be possible for you to bring a III cap for purchase with you?

    1. Sure, I'll bring a cap & patches for you.

      I don't normally bring stuff for sale to events (I don't want it to turn into a vendor gig) but if you folks want me to bring some specifics, let me know. Mags are the big item, perhaps, if any of you live in places that forbid shipping...

      Let me know.


  3. North and South Carolina are reciprocal with many states as far as concealed carry goes. Both do not allow carry in any establishment that serves alcohol. North Carolina is open carry. National parks follow the laws of the state in which they are located. King's Mountain is in South Carolina. The bookstore/museum on site is considered a federal building and no weapons are allowed and it is posted. Hope this helps.

  4. is that at the federal park, or the state? i'll be there for friday. i have other events sat/sun to attend unfortunately, and a dinner thursday night as well.

  5. I am planning to be there with one minor change to my plans... I will have my son with me (he turns 2 on April 22). I may be leaving him with local friends for the day, but that is not likely (the 19th is a school/work day).
    He is generally well behaved, but he is two... he might have a bad day. If he starts acting up I will excuse myself.
    I will also have to be reachable by work (too many high dollar projects trying to finish up), so I may have to walk away several times to asnwer phone calls (or to check my phone if I 'accidentally' leave it in the truck).

    Other than that, I'm eager to talk about what we do next. See you there.

  6. I will be there "with bells on" as they say. Been looking forward to it ever since it was originally announced. Too bad we can't carry in the park, I've gotten to the point where I feel naked when I can't carry.

    K, would love to have a Molon Labe patch for the back of the OD III hat I won at Brock's last PATCON.

    Alan S. Pedersen
    Fort Mill, SC


  7. Bring rain gear. Long range forcast says 60% chance rain.

    Hopefully that will apply more to the afternoon than the morning.

  8. I would like to go home with: 1 cap, III patch, and 1 molon labe T-shirt along with the satisfaction of meeting others of like-mind eye-to-eye... cost of the trip and items listed = $xx.xx, the value of the latter - priceless...

    we are already in SC and headed toward the Park later today, possibly arriving as early as this PM...

    the lsm mutts so quickly and too willingly labeling Boston events a possible "patriot" effort has a certain hinkiness to it... or maybe I just spook more easily these days...


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