Friday, December 7, 2012

So, folks...

Of 60 or so who said "Hell Yeah!" we've had about 14 put their money up, and fewer than a dozen who stood up to be a Delegate.

What do you folks want to do?

Shall we charge forward and hope to grab some people by the scruff?  I intend to build the III Congress into an article in the Media Kit being built to sell III Arms, which will be handed out by Miller at gun shows all winter.

I think there was a LOT of pushback from militia folks, and of course we all know the circle-jerk factor among most reading these blogs.

I'll charge forward with you, or I'll hit "Refund" on your PayPal donations and we can say uck it.

Lemme know.



  1. I am with you 100% on this. Unfortunately, I am behind the power curve monetarely, so all I can do is the monthly support. I will be a delegate, barring a catastrophic event stopping me.

    So many issues need to be discussed in a face-to-face forum. That alone needs to be accomplished, in my humble opinion. The act alone will bring others to the cause, by demonstrating our sincerity.

  2. As I sit here thinking about the state of affairs we are currently in, it is very easy to begin to feel overwhelmed and to despair. It is also easy to feel an almost overwhelming sense of anger. To see the fractured state our movement is in, where no one will pull together and in many cases butting heads over some of the stupidest things. Is it just me or does it seem that some would rather have their little fiefdom and see it go down in flames than to join with others, at least on core principles, to begin to push back.

    This week I have been considering whether I could be of any real use to the III Congress and whether I should put my name forward as a delegate.

    After reading some items this evening and doing some soul searching, I have come to a decision. I am going to put my name forward as a delegate. I am doing this because I will not give in to anger nor despair. For me, it is time for clear headed decision making and to band together with others who desire liberty. It is time to push back so we can restore the Constitution. It is time to begin to build something substantial for my posterity, and for myself.

    While there may only be a dozen of us, it has to begin somewhere.

    My vote is to push forward with the III Congress.

    I will be honest, I am scared of this decision. But I cannot let that fear lead to inaction.

    Chad Miller

  3. Very dissapointing. I say give it another week or so.

  4. In the financial squeeze right now (as always it seems) so I can't do it. But y'all have my support. That's all I got to give, family comes first...

  5. Sam,

    So far only four States (IN,KY,WV&SC) have agreed to provide Militia security elements to assist the III Congress. I am still waiting for replies from many others. I would ask that the supporters of the Congress give me some more time before throwing in the towel.

    Many Militia folks support the Congress in principle at the individual level. The problem seems to come from many Commander's who are unable to commit to anything outside their own local experience.

    I have tried to the best of my ability to impress upon them that this is all about local support only and that no unit would be asked to cross State lines or engage in any action outside the Lawful roll of the Militia.

    Like I said, herding cats. Stubborn, sometimes mean cats.

    Sorry for the delays.

    1. Mmm... One of the reasons for my proposal for King's Mountain as the initial meeting place of the III Congress. It is a place that represents so many parallels to what we face today.

      Specific to your post, all of the men who fought this battle were militia with the exception of a single individual. It was a fight essentially between Americans. Those on top of the hill sided with the King, those at the bottom were responding to a threat to their lives, their families, and their homes.

      Those men came from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and what was to become Tennessee and Kentucky. If they obeyed "the law", it could be argued that the British would have won the war or at the very least on the northern colonies would have gained independence and the southern colonies would have remained under the Union Jack.

      Those men were Whigs. Outnumbered and considered traitors. But they kitted up, moved out, found the bastard that threatened them and killed him along with a good number of their fellow countrymen.

      They turned the tide of war. They made a significant contribution to the creation of this nation and to the cause of liberty.

      What we're talking about at the moment is no where near the magnitude the risk and sacrifice those men assumed.

      We've been here before folks. And no, it's not exactly the same situation, but it is damn close. I think it important to assume the personna of those that came before us and towards those that won't, have nothing but contempt.

  6. I'm sure it was like this in the beginning for the colonist. The major difference is the representatives of the time were on board with the people. We don't have and will not have that luxury. We must make use of the resources we have. No matter how small. Start small and build from there. You don't put the roof on the house before you build the foundation.

    We must remember and not lose focus. We didn't lose all this overnight and we will not make gains overnight. It will be a daunting task. You either have the will and desire to see liberty or you don't. The winner will be whoever can endure.

    I have no desire to be a delegate because I feel that is something that must be earned like respect, not something that I can proclaim and it be so. But I will meet and converse with others and try to come up with a course of action to take to slow down this crazy train we are all on together. Because, before we can restore liberty we have to treat the cancer.

    Someone set a date(soon) and I will make every effort to be there and meet with others. I met a lot of you at Mercer. That was a start.

    Mike M.

  7. Newton's first law of motion is often stated as: An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.

    I discovered a quote recently, "Stand now or forever kneel!"

    Even if it is we few, we must stand and be counted.


  8. It seems there are some who choose to not be a delegate because their not as winsome with words as TL, or as good at getting a point across as Sam, or because someone from their state already signed, or they simply don't feel "qualified".

    To hell with all that.

    Are we not men (or women) of action?!

    Numbers are so few right now none of that matters. Moral support? I don't care about cheers from the sidelines. Moral support will not provide food or ammo resupply, it will not set up comms network, provide safehouses, it will not finance a lawyer, it will not prevent a stack from breaking down a door and it will not stop tyranny.

    You can only provide moral support? Thanks, but no thanks. There is work to be done.


    1. Wulf,

      I hope you did not misinterpret my post. I am participating. I bring a skill set and knowledge base similar to John Adams, and similar to Mr. Adams, I will
      1) be a delegate
      2) be an outspoken Patriot
      3) sign my name as FREE MAN, D@MN the TYRANT
      4) fight as a member and defender of the militia when (not if) required

      I just wanted you and everyone else to be sure of my position.

    2. No worries NH, my comments were not directed at you or anyone in specific. It's that so many talk a big talk then sit down when it comes time for action. I've heard too many excuses, both online and in person. Too many seem to think tyranny will either stop itself or after a collapse a new liberty minded gov will magically appear.

  9. Keep it going. I don't care if 5 people show up. If no one else has stood as a delegate from Michigan I will do it. Time to march on. For everyone offering moral support. Thanks! That is still a contribution that we need. I say, no more stalling projects for lack of participation. It's time to stand. Sluggards be damned.

  10. From the moment that I first stumbled across the III% blog, I was on board with the idea of the congress, it is one of the ideas that has brought my wife onboard to my forays into the "patriot" movement. I was planning on attending when the date was this past Nov. and my wife was onboard to come along. Needless to say I was disappointed when it was delayed, but it has not delayed me trying to get involved with the militia/patriot groups here in Ohio. I have been going through the process of getting to know or joining the Frontiersmen here in Ohio. While they are not traditional militia, I am much more impressed with the caliber of people within this group when compared to the specific militia groups that I have talked to here in Ohio. The people within the Frontiersmen that I have spoken with did want more information on the congress and if I can get any on board then I would feel I have accomplished something. I know that I may be a new entity here, I am not a keyboard comando, and I am looking forward to meeting with like minded individuals. I aam here to charges forward I do not want a refund, I want my republic back, I want to draw a line in the sand with liberty loving brothers, and I want an action plan to put in place that can give fence sitters hope, make them pick a side, I want the world to hear freedoms battle cry.

    1. Glad you found us. The Frontiersmen are a stand up group. And while they self-identify as a family oriented prepper network, they also fit the Constitutional definition of Militia. I have spoken and met in person with some of the founders.

      They are Patriots and have connections in the Militia Movement.
      I would lead my folks out of the hills to assist them anytime.

  11. I say we move forward, even if there are only a handful of us.
    While the III Congress cannot speak for anyone who has not voiced their support for us, we can start putting together our plans of action and letting the fence sitters know.
    I also know that there are many more out there that believe as we do, but they haven't quite reached the point of standing up yet. I know that we are running out of time, but I also know that people don't just wake up to reality in a day. I didn't start to wake up until 5 years ago. 3 Years ago I was arguing with a good friend because I "knew" he was wrong about the state of affairs. It turns out he wasn't wrong, he was just pushing too hard because he already did all the research and I had to be blind not to see it. I'm now where he was then, unfortunately I can't talk to him about this anymore (he died of cancer 2 years ago).
    Anyway, all of that to say that this will take time. There are people out there that still can't believe what they are learning to be truth.
    Those of you out there that read these pages and do know the truth but haven't stood up with your support, well, .gov already knows who you are. They know what pages you read and it's not hard for them to put two and two together and get 15 (they'll think you're more of a threat than you are). Anyway, .gov knows who you are, but we don't. If/when .gov comes for you, we won't know that you were one of us unless you tell us you are.

    Sorry, got long winded again. I say we keep the III Congress moving.

  12. In my pea-brain, this is simply a matter of committment and priorities. We've never had much financial excess - still don't. We raised 5 children, 1 of whom, the oldest, graduated HS as Salutorian of her class. Most of our children's education was in Christian schools or homeschool. I mention this 1 because we sold our house to pay her tuition as my 2 paychecks couldn't cover monthly pymts; we then lived in 2 rooms of a large, multi-floored "mansion" without central heat, electricity, and running water; showers, dishes and laundry were done other places; the heat was a 55gal drum and all the firewood i could scrounge - in a major, rust-belt city; that winter we all slept in the same room; these conditions forced her to study by oil lamp that winter. Her sister, the next in age, graduated because i worked 2 jobs and Naval Reserve to pay her tuition. I need nor want anyone's pity nor applause because it's not about me nor mine... it's about what you're committed to - what are you willing to let go for the sake of gaining something else that has priority.

    It could be interpreted through the lack of committment, on the whole, that we're a long way from, "We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor."

    I'm in, my wife is with me - just set the time & place.


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