Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Regardless of when and where we meet, we will need an official Spokesman, a Parliamentarian and Treasurer.  For now I'll take Treasurer, and I'll remain in that spot and you folks can vote a second who can see the account balances when requested.  If you'd rather someone else was Treasurer, no worries - but you'll need someone wo set-up an LLC, get a bank account, get a PayPal account, then we can get it all switched over.

You know if you've paid or not.  Let's get that squared away, folks.  If you have changed your mind about participating, leave a message on this thread and I'll know who to scrub from the list.

We have a Mission Statement above, weigh-in and make sure you like what it says.

I know the goal is to be a place where the Locals can meet and coordinate - each of you has to decide if that is going to happen through this venue or not.

This weekend I'll post a tally of paying members and we can decide what's next.



  1. My check will be in the mail Friday.......;)

  2. I suggest we use Robert's Rules of Order. Whoever is Parliamentarian would need to know that book fairly well. I was in Toastmasters for several years and we followed that format. I wish I could say that I knew it cold, but I don't. Hopefully one of you guys do.

    I have no problem with Sam being Treasurer. If he doesn't mind, and everybody else is cool with it, the vote would be just a formality. I would however suggest an audit committee. No less than two and one with accounting experience preferably.

    For Speaker/Spokesman I would nominate TL.

    I would suggest that we have these three positions filled formally prior to the physical meeting. We would also have to establish length of terms. I think one year terms would be sufficient to start.

    1. I second the motion for Kerodin as Treasurer.

      The spokesman just needs to be good at that "speechifyin'" stuff! I agree with the nomination of TL as the Spokesman, if he agrees to do it, of course.

  3. I agree with Sam as treasurer and TL doing the "speechifyin". ;)

    Sam, I signed up on paypal so you should be receiving my payment monthly. I'm not crazy about paypal but at least it is set and forget.


  4. We should have a Secretary too. And a designate to assume control in the event that the Speaker cannot fulfill his duties. A Vice Speaker if you will.

  5. My check, for a year's worth, went out on Monday.


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