Wednesday, December 5, 2012

III Congress: Physical versus Virtual

Getting the Congress in a single place for an actual meeting will be important for many reasons, including symbolic.

But please let's focus on "what" we intend and "how" we intend.

We can get together when the time is right.

More importantly, what can we as a Congress do for you in the Militias and you Patriots who are ready to move out of the realm of pure discourse?



  1. I wouldn't diminish the importance of a III Congress meeting soon. In my opinion, we're a little behind the curve.

    I also think it would be best to have at least one delegate from each state at the minimum. I realize that may be a pipe dream, but it sure would be nice.

    I would also like to see militias represented. Not as delegates mind you, but as observers.

    It's gonna be real interesting to see who steps up here. And it is a big step.

    There's jaw jackin' and there's steppin'.

    Could be a moment of truth.

  2. quote: "I would also like to see militias represented. Not as delegates mind you, but as observers. "

    We may be Militia, but we are Citizen's first. Militia membership was not an excluding factor at the first Congress, and shouldn't be here.

    Many Militia folks may be the only ones in their state who are willing to stand up, what then? We will support the Congress regardless, but don't count us out when it comes to being heard or voting.

  3. Please do not take my suggestion as diminishing the role of militia or militia members.

    I was just thinking of foloowing the Irish resistance model of IRA and Sein Fein.

    It doesn't seem to be of any import though considering the response.

    Quite frankly, I'm about to cut you fuckers loose. I'm sick of the endless debate of minutia, the obligatory attacks on any reasonable proposition and the back peddling when it comes time to commit.

    Jesus Christ people! Yes, it's inconvenient. Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it's dangerous. But it's becoming painfully obvious to me that the vast majority of you motherfuckers have no real concept of your history, your culture, your country, your freedom.

    K, give it another week or two. If the response still sucks, send me back my $120. I'll go buy ammo or something. I'll take care of myself as best I can. It's not the right thing to do do, but when all there is is quivering vaginas, then a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.

    This is disgusting people. Pure OD disgusting.


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