Saturday, December 15, 2012

III Congress: First Convention

If we are modeling ourselves along the lines of the original American Congresses, it's time to set a time and place to get face-to-face.  I know TL is working on an initial draft of a Mission Statement and I suspect we'll work through that process online and have it ratified before we meet, but we'll just have to see how it all plays out.

All of you - whether you have stepped forward to be a Delegate or just a member - don't wait for others to make suggestions or take point.  There are NO stupid suggestions, so speak up!  And remember, on this blog you WILL NOT endure ad hominem attacks.  None of us will tolerate it.  We'll talk issues and plans of action, not personalities.  If we all work together we can prevent Alinsky tactics from taking over.

So for this post let's decide where and when we will first meet one another and convene the III Congress properly.  When the world goes to hell, we will have a political structure in place to fill the vacuum.  By the way, I need to update the map above and add a few more states.

Don't be disappointed by our numbers, or lack thereof.  I know many people are watching to see if this is just another circle-jerk before they sign on.  Let's prove we mean business.

So folks, where & when?  Anyone (members included) may weigh in, but only Delegates may vote.

I'd say let's do it properly, inside a building and not out in a field.  If we are to be a Congress with legitimacy, then let us conduct ourselves with dignity.



  1. King's Mountain, April 19th has been suggested at 2 separate points in the discussion of the III Congress... I'm in favor of it

  2. Alan suggested King's Mountain, April 19th.
    Not sure where that is, but I would suggest something central, say Kansas or Missouri.
    Many will be driving, Im sure.
    As for a date, the middle of March and the middle of April wont work for me personally.
    Just one delegate though, and I noticed one other in CO.

  3. In my view, we should be looking for an experience as well as a first meeting. And that experience should incorporate symbolism and be inspirational, motivational and educational. There should be some relaxation in addition to the serious work.

    About a half dozen times a year I travel to a location in one of the southeastern states to participate in IDPA matches. More often than not competitors stay in a match hotel selected by the entity holding the match. They secure a block of rooms at a reduced price for all those coming from out of town. Sometimes meeting rooms are negotiated as part of the deal for meet and greets, meetings, dinners, etc. Local restaurants are used as meeting and dinner locales for the various groups of shooters.

    The III Congress could be treated in a like fashion. A hotel could be negotiated with to secure reduced rates for attendees. A meeting room could be made part of the deal for the formal meeting a delegates. A dinner could be included at the hotel site or a local restaurant could be negotiated with to provide food service.

    Choice of the site could include an attraction of sort complementing the reason for the event. It would be this attraction that would provide a degree of relaxation for the participants as well as satisfy, the inspirational, motivational, educational aspects that a meeting such as ours should incorporate.

    The selection of the site should take into account cost. I know I'm a little stretched of late and I'm reasonably sure most of those that would be showing up for the III Congress are experiencing the same thing. Avoiding an expensive locale should be of paramount importance. For instance, using my home state as an example, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Jacksonville would be poor choices for this criteria.

    My suggestion of King's Mountain would satisfy all of the aformentioned requirements that I think would be needed to have a successful event. First and foremost, it's located in a rather rural area of South Carolina. It's not a pricey area. There are towns around where a hotel could be had and enough other infrstructure to support a comfortable visit. The attraction, the battlefield at King's Mountain, costs nothing to tour. And the back story of that event provides many noteworthy things to inspire, motivate, and educate the attendees of the III Congress.

    So, that's my suggestion and the reasons for it. I hope you all will consider it. I think it would be a most appropriate locale.

  4. Lexington mo- central location. Historical name. Kc is close by with all the 'attractions' and hotels you would need and 4 major interstates intersect. there is a civil war battle field to tour.the anderson house was site of session meetings were held. Lots of rich history at that town. Here's a lil info. American Patriots - The Friends of the Anderson House honor "old soldiers" of the War of 1812 and the "Boy Regiment" of the Mexican War. Speeches and a barbecue with all of the fixin's along with homemade ice cream, top off the festivities. 10 AM - 3 PM. Sponsored by the Friends of the Anderson House.
    Address: Battle of Lexington State Historic Site , Lexington, Missouri
    Ph: 660-259-4654.
    I am in on this deal. Just been preppin extra and aint sent in my dues to join. But I'm in. Will help do what ever need be to protect our consituition and further our cause of liberty. Long live the republic. Big mike

  5. On the timing, I would prefer after mid-April of next year. It would be nigh on impossible for me to make it before then. April 19th is doable for me. I personally would prefer a more centralized location. Lexington MO sounds pretty good. But if we meet at King's Mountain I am still in.
    Chad Miller

  6. Price is probably the paramount issue, that would dictate location, as far as an historic location? What we’ll be doing will, be historic enough, food is necessary, entertainment is not, this is business not pleasure, we have a Republic to save/rebuild here, a central location for all would be nice, not necessary, I’ll be driving as well, No radiation or Groping for me, besides we’ll all be on the no-fly list by then if we aren’t already.
    Richard R Deaver III

  7. Who owns I was just going to buy it and make a website for it this blgspot URL doesn't make this look to serious. Time is of the essence Im afraid and getting a large backing of support right now would be extremely easy right now considering the current affairs at hand.

    1. Ghost: I do. ;)

      Once we get settled with Delegates and a Mission Statement approved, we'll roll out the .com as a reference spot. It is also going to be heavily advertised in an upcoming print project we have in the works.

      For now we need the interaction capability of the blog.


    2. Another consideration. At least as far as I'm concerned. If I can't carry either through constitutional carry or recognition of my Florida CCW then I might have a problem. Generally if I can't carry it's also usually a state I don't want to visit and spend my money in. For instance, New York.

      I don't want to upset anybody. There are things I just don't do. As a consequence I won't even visit my daughter in Korea because I will not subject myself to the searches and being relieved of my weapon to fly.

      If in the end I'm gonna have to meet you guys in a place that I'm not thrilled about, then I better see a firm commitment on the part of a significant number of people. The importance of the III Congress alone might not be enough for me to make an exception to how I carry myself.

      I hope all of you understand my position.

  8. Wherever the first meet lands, I'll be there. Although I like the historic value of both Kings Mountain and Lexington, I agree with livefreeordieca, what we are doing has a value all its own. That being said, a central location may be more beneficial.

  9. I am going to agree with livefreeordieca. We are writing our own history, so the place we choose now will become historically significant.

    St. Louis is historically a crossroads in American history, so we can use it to continue that trend. It is also geographically centered in the continental USA, giving it significance.

    Just my 2 cents. I'll go wherever. BTW, I'm driving!

  10. I have been through this a few times and the question always comes down to central to what? Central to the population, or central to the geographics of the nation? In the West there are several large states that cannot break a million in population with help from a neighboring state. Whereas, the East has trouble finding a state with less than a million.

    Either way, I will allow others to decide this issue as it is a non-issue to me. Whatever works will work for me.

  11. My vote is for April 19th at King's Mountain.
    March is no good for me and April isn't much better, but I don't want to push the date further back. We all know we need to get moving.
    I will have to bring my wife and son (who will turn 2 on April 22nd), so they will need to have something to do while I am otherwise occupied. I have friends in that general area, so they won't be left to fend for themselves.
    I also like what the date and that location stand for. We need to utilize existing memories as much as possible while we build this Restoration.

    Having said that, I will do my best to make it no matter what date and location are chosen, but I have no guarantees right now (unfortunately I'm not a wealthy man, I still have to work to provide for my family and my job is becoming more and more demanding... I will make time for the most important things, but I have to balance the current situation against the future situation and I can't afford to lose my job in the meantime).

    1. You are a man I want to shake hands with.

      Your courage aside, I suspect that you are a damn fine individual.

      That and your son and I have the same birthday. :-)

    2. Alan, I'll be honored when we finally meet, but you gotta stop complimenting me (although it is appreciated)... I'm nothing special. I am no better than anyone else. I'm just another guy that sees so much wrong with our country and is afraid of what I see coming, a little for me, but mostly for my family. I had no intentions on breeding slaves.
      I'm not even that smart and I suck in debates; I have had a couple of motorcycle accidents that affected my memory, I have to take time to actually think before I speak or I will say something really stupid (it happens all the time). I think my only redeeming qualities are that I try to research and make informed decisions (and I am always open to new facts) and once I decide what the right thing to do is, I do it to the best of my ability.

  12. Truly, it really doesn't matter where or when. Well, the sooner the better.

    However, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. It was Kerodin who said the gig should be symbolic. And I agree. Therefore, if you'll indulge me, I will continue with that in mind.

    Today, we face a situation in which our adversaries have established a strong and seemingly impregnable position. They are well armed and poised to begin a final campaign to eliminate any further resistance. Anybody doubt that?

    It's a situation not unlike that in 1780. In the northern colonies there was a virtual stalemate. Washington couldn't defeat and expel the British and they just couldn't seem destroy what little he had.

    As a result, Sir Henry Clinton assembled a fleet and left New York to lay seige to Charleston. He was triumphant mostly because the patriots in Charleston tarried with fortifying ther town and harbor. With Lincoln defeated, the city was left to Lord Cornwallis for a base from which to drive across South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia to the Chesepeake in order to subdue the southern colonies, establish contact with Clinton, then find Washington and defeat him.

    It was a good plan. It had all the appearances of slam dunk. Except for several groups of detemined American militia.

    Cornwallis depended on a certain Major Ferguson to protect his left flank as he drove to the Chesepeake. Ferguson was a most capable man and led a force of well trained Loyalists. From Gilbert Town he demanded that the militias cease and desist else he would come over the mountains, hang their leaders and destroy their country with fire and sword.

    Those men assembled and marched out to engage Ferguson. They caught him at King's Mountain and decisively defeated him. As a result, Cornwallis had to quit his southern campaign and return to Camden from Charlotte. The defeat set into motion a series of battles that ultimately led to his surrender at Yorktown.

    If symbolism is a portion of our effort, I challenge you to pick a better location.

  13. I agree with others who have stated that a central location is a good idea. Would there be a benefit to be on "private" property with the owner being supportive of the Congress? It would be a sad day to have firm plans interrupted by TPTB putting pressure on the owner/operator and having the rug pulled out from under at the last minute.

    As long as I have a date and location, I am planning on being in attendance.

    1. How about we not hide?

      Don't worry about TPTB.

      Things will be just fine.

    2. Don't worry, I'm not advocating hiding, it's not in me. I would like for nothing to interupt or delay this any longer than need be. I would not have a problem voicing my opinion on a state house lawn, the National Mall, or First Baptist on the corner, I am just raising the "what if" there is pressure that puts the kaibash on at the last minute.

  14. April 19 would work for me as well. Kings Mountain or Lexington, MO, both about the same distance for me. One thought I had though, is there a hotel big enough in either area with a meeting room to accommodate us? If everyone comes, it would be 70+ (I am praying for our numbers to grow exponentially). Just something to think about.

    Either way, by the grace of God I will be there.

    1. Seventy? From your lips to God's ear. Sam wants 300. I would settle for 50 consisting of a delegate from each state. And make no mistake, I would be thrilled with 70 and absolutely jazzed about 300.

      No worries about a hotel(s) to handle 50 or 300. With regard to King's Mountain, there are medium towns in the area. And worse case, Charlotte is close by.

      Oh, and God helps those that help themselves.

    2. Also, the gods will not do for us that which we can do ourselves.

      So far it seems to be between Lexington or Kings Mountain. While I hope we'll get many more delegates to sign on before April, we should vote a decision within the next few weeks. The more time for travel arrangements the better.

    3. Agreed.

      Maybe another week or two and have the vote first week of January.

      Another question to address soon is whether everybody is going to do their own thing or are we all going to go in together and get a block of rooms at the same hotel.

      The latter seems to be the best idea as we're gonna need a meeting room anyway. Cheaper to get it with the rooms.

  15. I am hoping everyone who signs up will show up, I know some may not be able to make do to finances and different situations but I am hoping.

    And I am praying for a few zeros to the right right of that 300. Will we see it? I am sad to say probably not.

    I agree with the vote for the first week of January.


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