Wednesday, December 26, 2012

III Congress & 2A March

I suspect, given the Members of the Congress who have stepped forward, that a 2A March as being discussed at TL's blog would be supported by the III Congress in general.

Personally, my sentiments run with those of Alan Mullinax.  Suicide and Martyrdom are not on my bucket list.

So I look forward to someone taking point and beginning to put down hard details.  Is there to be a single muster point or several?  Is there to be a single route, with local feeders?  Is there to be a single destination, and where is it?  When? 

Drop by TL's place where the conversation is taking place, here.  Add your two cents or step up and take point.

Regarding this III Congress site: Delegates in good standing who would like access to write posts, let me know and I will make certain you have access.  I have only one rule: This blogspot account is my personal account, so do me the favor of not writing anything that will get my dogs shot in the middle of a no-knock. 

Let's please make this a genuine Congress where delegates come forward and offer their opinions, suggestions, and more.  A Congress with a single writer is not really a Congress.


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