Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Congress SitRep

Some of us are damned serious this should go through.

Others have backed up and gone silent after initial "Wolverines" bullshit.

Here's one of the reasons I think we should go forward:

When/if SHTF unexpectedly and my wife is trapped here behind the lines just outside of DC, the odds that I will be hunted are high.  She'll need to E&E fast to make sure they don't catch her and use her as leverage to draw me back in.

I will be on the move to our pre-determined Safe House.

She will need a set of variable plans to follow and contacts in case her travels are compromised.

She needs to get from X to Y, and my wife is not capable of getting from X to Y in a hot world without the help of serious and prepared Patriots.

I need to know I have her in good hands while I handle my business, and she will be where I expect her to be there, safe.

I think many of you are in the same positions, not just with wives, but with fathers, brothers, mothers, aunties, nephews, sons and daughters.

I think a national is the only way to get this done.  If some of you hesitant militia and other groups won't at least send one Ambassador forward to help up create this network, this underground railroad, we will fail and many of our loved one's will die, or many of us will simply remain out of the fight.

That's what I have to say about that.



  1. We lived in Rochester, NY which was an Underground Railroad "way station"... I saw a couple tunnel entrances in the basements of homes... seeing, touching, and experiencing such things lend a sense of reality to what was formerly just words on a page in a book... when we meet, the reality and enormity of the current situation will begin to take on a new perspective and the urgency demanding such action will hopefully follow close behind... there are others, all of whom could well be collateral damage if we shrink back... as the Scriptures state: "Let your yea be yea and your nay be nay." it's time for this to happen ...

    1. Standing on King's Mountain lends a sense of reality.


    2. we're fine with King's Mountain, as i stated before... all we need is the date/time confirmed so we can plan accordingly

  2. WOW!!!

    Your timing is incredible! My wife and I have been talking about the exact same thing.

    1. We will talk in April. I will have some contacts lined up by then throughout the country.

  3. Let me know what I can do, you know how to reach me.

    Bill Nye

    1. I declared myself a delegate from the great State of SC a while back (Alan S. Pedersen, Fort Mill, SC). I have received no communications since that time. What can I do to "start the ball rolling" here in SC? Please advise asap.
      "American by birth, Southern by the Grace of God"


  4. I believe this is a must. I am in, let me know what you need. You can contact me at

  5. Lets get going, date ,place, homework asignments. If I can help in any way with that media package I will. Im no expert with any of that stuff but i have time to work on things and am eager to do Something. Once we can distribute that our numbers should grow. If no one is willing to asign any duties then maybe ill take it on myself to make a flyer and bring them to gun shows and what not.

    1. Let me know what I can do. Kerodine, how can we get an e-mail to you? so you can contact us when needed?

  6. We will do whats needed. You have my number.

  7. I say King's Mountain on April 19th.

    There is nothing more appropriate. Nothing more supportive. Nothing more instructive.

    I would be happy and proud to conduct the tour of the battlefield for you guys. I can do it better than the NPS. There is so much to tell. Our history is rich. The characters colorful.

    I will be most happy to arrange accomodations, transportation, meals, whatever.

    The time is now.

    What say ye?


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