Monday, December 31, 2012

III Congress: It is time

It is time for the III Patriots in America to come together in a single place and hammer out a resolution.

Alan Mullinax of Florida has suggested Kings Mountain Battlefield.  It has been suggested that April 19, 2013 is a suitable date.

I say to all Delegates: Please vote openly on this thread, Yea or Nay.

Also include in your comment if you will be able to attend in person.  If not, we will try to have a couple of our IT savvy Delegates set up the ability to be interactive online.

I think the purpose of the first Convention should be to mark that we, the III Patriots alive today, find it necessary to meet and to let the rest of the republic know that we have left our homes due to the grave crises facing the republic that require our attention, and our direct action.

So when you comment, please include answers to several points:

Will you attend in person:
Will you attend Armed in accord with the laws in effect:
Will you be prepared to debate a resolution to formally mobilize the III Percent Patriots in America:


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

III Congress White House Petition

Good job to Craig for taking point! Craig is proving that the Delegates of the III Congress mean to be relevant to the national discussion.

Show your support by signing: Here.

Sign and support not only a fellow III Patriot who took point on our behlaves, but also your support for the III, the III Congress, and our Natural Rights.


III Congress & 2A March

I suspect, given the Members of the Congress who have stepped forward, that a 2A March as being discussed at TL's blog would be supported by the III Congress in general.

Personally, my sentiments run with those of Alan Mullinax.  Suicide and Martyrdom are not on my bucket list.

So I look forward to someone taking point and beginning to put down hard details.  Is there to be a single muster point or several?  Is there to be a single route, with local feeders?  Is there to be a single destination, and where is it?  When? 

Drop by TL's place where the conversation is taking place, here.  Add your two cents or step up and take point.

Regarding this III Congress site: Delegates in good standing who would like access to write posts, let me know and I will make certain you have access.  I have only one rule: This blogspot account is my personal account, so do me the favor of not writing anything that will get my dogs shot in the middle of a no-knock. 

Let's please make this a genuine Congress where delegates come forward and offer their opinions, suggestions, and more.  A Congress with a single writer is not really a Congress.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

2A March

TL and others are calling for another armed march to remind those who would be Masters that 2A is a Natural Right.

Here's TL's piece.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

White House Petition

The picture above is from the White House petition site, to deport Piers Morgan for attacking 2A.

Many of you liked the idea in the post below to start our own petition - someone should work out the wording and go do it.  Let's all pull the rope on this Congress.  If you don't trust your skills to write it "good enough" then throw a rough draft up here on the blog and we'll all work it out together, then you can take the final language over to the White House site and post it.

Once you post it we'll advertise it across our blogs and see if we can get some traction.

Here's the link to the Piers Morgan petition.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The White House has a petition site.

There is currently a petition up about tightening gun control laws.

What do you think about the Congress putting up a petititon that claims all gun control laws violate "...shall not be infringed..." and demand an immediate repeal of all federal gun laws including GCA '68 and NFA '34?

It would be interesting to see how many people sign...

...and I can promise everyone who signs WILL get extra gold stars next to their names in every FedGov database.



Regardless of when and where we meet, we will need an official Spokesman, a Parliamentarian and Treasurer.  For now I'll take Treasurer, and I'll remain in that spot and you folks can vote a second who can see the account balances when requested.  If you'd rather someone else was Treasurer, no worries - but you'll need someone wo set-up an LLC, get a bank account, get a PayPal account, then we can get it all switched over.

You know if you've paid or not.  Let's get that squared away, folks.  If you have changed your mind about participating, leave a message on this thread and I'll know who to scrub from the list.

We have a Mission Statement above, weigh-in and make sure you like what it says.

I know the goal is to be a place where the Locals can meet and coordinate - each of you has to decide if that is going to happen through this venue or not.

This weekend I'll post a tally of paying members and we can decide what's next.


Monday, December 17, 2012

III Congress: A Call to Militias

I admit my personal experience with local militia units is almost nil.

I met a few members of OVM led by Sandman at Mercer, and what I saw was a group of Patriots who had their world in order.  They would make a damned good poster for what the militia should be - and I should probably specify the organized militia.  I'm not even sure if that is the proper language.

As a Delegate to this Congress, I would suggest every single Militia Unit out there that crushes the media stereotypes make formal, written and loudly broadcast offers to provide security at schools, or perhaps particular school events, whatever.  Let the school administrators know, let the school board know.  Let the town council and mayor know, and let the citizens in your AO know that you are ready to stand post in these dangerous days of aftermath when the odds of a copycat are highest.

Not only;y will you be offering a serious service, you will be putting forth serious goodwill in the PR department and helping push back against the stereotypes.

Of course you don't have the manpower to do too much for too long, but you can make noise and points./  You can even offer free "Threat Assessments" of local schools, help school administrators put together plans of action more helpful than "Hide in the closet until the Bad Man eats a bullet".  Show them muster points and how to get there.

You get the idea.

There is a window of opportunity open right now.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

III Congress: First Convention

If we are modeling ourselves along the lines of the original American Congresses, it's time to set a time and place to get face-to-face.  I know TL is working on an initial draft of a Mission Statement and I suspect we'll work through that process online and have it ratified before we meet, but we'll just have to see how it all plays out.

All of you - whether you have stepped forward to be a Delegate or just a member - don't wait for others to make suggestions or take point.  There are NO stupid suggestions, so speak up!  And remember, on this blog you WILL NOT endure ad hominem attacks.  None of us will tolerate it.  We'll talk issues and plans of action, not personalities.  If we all work together we can prevent Alinsky tactics from taking over.

So for this post let's decide where and when we will first meet one another and convene the III Congress properly.  When the world goes to hell, we will have a political structure in place to fill the vacuum.  By the way, I need to update the map above and add a few more states.

Don't be disappointed by our numbers, or lack thereof.  I know many people are watching to see if this is just another circle-jerk before they sign on.  Let's prove we mean business.

So folks, where & when?  Anyone (members included) may weigh in, but only Delegates may vote.

I'd say let's do it properly, inside a building and not out in a field.  If we are to be a Congress with legitimacy, then let us conduct ourselves with dignity.


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Congress SitRep

Some of us are damned serious this should go through.

Others have backed up and gone silent after initial "Wolverines" bullshit.

Here's one of the reasons I think we should go forward:

When/if SHTF unexpectedly and my wife is trapped here behind the lines just outside of DC, the odds that I will be hunted are high.  She'll need to E&E fast to make sure they don't catch her and use her as leverage to draw me back in.

I will be on the move to our pre-determined Safe House.

She will need a set of variable plans to follow and contacts in case her travels are compromised.

She needs to get from X to Y, and my wife is not capable of getting from X to Y in a hot world without the help of serious and prepared Patriots.

I need to know I have her in good hands while I handle my business, and she will be where I expect her to be there, safe.

I think many of you are in the same positions, not just with wives, but with fathers, brothers, mothers, aunties, nephews, sons and daughters.

I think a national is the only way to get this done.  If some of you hesitant militia and other groups won't at least send one Ambassador forward to help up create this network, this underground railroad, we will fail and many of our loved one's will die, or many of us will simply remain out of the fight.

That's what I have to say about that.


Monday, December 10, 2012

TL's site

Folks - TL is considering his place in the Congress.

Drop by his site and let him know what you think his place should be, please.



Friday, December 7, 2012

So, folks...

Of 60 or so who said "Hell Yeah!" we've had about 14 put their money up, and fewer than a dozen who stood up to be a Delegate.

What do you folks want to do?

Shall we charge forward and hope to grab some people by the scruff?  I intend to build the III Congress into an article in the Media Kit being built to sell III Arms, which will be handed out by Miller at gun shows all winter.

I think there was a LOT of pushback from militia folks, and of course we all know the circle-jerk factor among most reading these blogs.

I'll charge forward with you, or I'll hit "Refund" on your PayPal donations and we can say uck it.

Lemme know.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

III Congress: Physical versus Virtual

Getting the Congress in a single place for an actual meeting will be important for many reasons, including symbolic.

But please let's focus on "what" we intend and "how" we intend.

We can get together when the time is right.

More importantly, what can we as a Congress do for you in the Militias and you Patriots who are ready to move out of the realm of pure discourse?


Stand and be counted

Now is the time to declare yourself as a Delegate if you wish to be an official member of the III Congress.

If your name is not on the Oath list and funds for membership are not paid or en route, please satisfy those requirements first.

Once we have an idea who is in the III Congress, we can get to the business of drafting our Mission Statement.

So Patriots, speak up.

Sign your name on the "Delegates" link above.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Order of Business

**UPDATE**  Patriots, please spread this new blog far and wide to every militia and Patriot you know, even gunners & Tea Partiers who you think have the grit to go to work when it is important.  I want to let people sign on for a few days, then we'll get to the business of opening the doors to Delegates. 

At this point in the Congress, I think we should be able to pull at least one Delegate from every state in America.  There will be no vetting beyond signing the oath and registering for your $10 per month membership.  That money will be set aside and the Members of Congress will decide how, when and where to spend that money.  My gut impulse is to save it to use when one of our own gets in trouble for Patriotic Duty, to help with legal fees and help his family as much as possible.

We'll handle that order of business and more soon.  Please, for now, let everyone you know about this site and consider serving on the Congress.  If we intend to do anything more than circle-jerk, we need Patriots who are ready to go to work.


There is a link at the top of the page.  There you will find an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

Sign it.

Or this is not the place for you.